Servers, storage and networks are the building blocks of IT infrastructure for every enterprise. Business success lies in knowing how to assemble these individual components to maximise performance, availability, scalability and security.

Jirotech uses industry best practice to plan and design a methodology that ensures you develop a cost-effective, reliable and scalable infrastructure architecture.


Systems Integration Services

Jirotech are experienced system integration specialists. Through our services, technology and support, Jirotech efficiently integrates with minimal disturbance to your operations, to boost your productivity and reduce business costs.

Virtualisation & Consolidation

Virtualisation & Consolidation of Infrastructure can help enable the flexible and dynamic delivery of shared IT resources as services. Jirotech virtualisation and consolidation solutions can help organisations in doing more with fewer physical assets, reducing the energy demands of infrastructure while expanding capacity and enabling greater flexibility.

Managed Services

Make the daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly and annual IT operations task easy. Jirotech can help you place resource-intensive IT operations under the management of experienced specialists so you can optimise existing resources and focus on strategic IT projects. Our help desk and online support systems and our on call Managed Services teams are available to resolve urgent technical issues.