Software Development

Jirotech is focused on providing full-cycle software development services from prototyping, design, through development to maintenance/support. Jirotech is capable to execute a project from a mere concept to the final solution. We deliver our services focusing on the customer’s comfort, cost-efficiency, schedule and budget targets, carefully handling confidentiality and security issues. Jirotech’s skilled software development and QA engineers, analysts and project managers work in the closest collaboration with our customers delivering the solutions exactly tailored to meet our customers’ business needs.


While drawing on the capabilities of the latest modelling techniques and documentation tools for support, Jirotech’s analysts are able to work with customer’s staff, ask the right questions and listen constructively to their responses. The picture is completed when the facts are assembled, analysed, organised, structured into the required document and presented to the customer as the basis for the design stage. Jirotech’s designers are concerned with the creation of systems that are intuitive, accessible, robust, aesthetically pleasing and responsive. At the technical level aspects such as security, extensibility, maintainability, data integrity, performance and ease of integration into a portfolio of applications are essential qualities.


Jirotech’s consultants are experienced in developing specifications, evaluation matrices, options analyses and cost-benefit analyses. Product selection and procurement includes consideration of factors such as functionality, technology, performance, support, fit with organisational culture, processes, vendor viability, vendor vision and value for money. Jirotech will facilitate the entire procurement process or simply provide a consultant to assist the purchasing team as required.


Jirotech’s project teams employ three different categories of tests: Unit Testing, System and Integration Testing, and User Acceptance Testing. All tests incorporate feedback to the developer, re-work and re-testing where necessary. The total software development lifecycle and has emerged as a strategic function. Every defect found early in the software development lifecycle saves millions of dollars. Now with constant pressure to release products faster, Testing practices have become all the more critical to ensure application/product release on time, within budget and with the agreed level of confidence that will provide software quality assurance.


System Deployment and Organisational Change Management are the major components of System Implementation. Deployment brings into clear focus many technical, procedural and data related tasks. In many larger enterprises they each become major projects in their own right with their own Program or Project Management and team members. Regardless of the scale of each activity, close co-ordination is imperative. In releasing a new or major upgrade to an application Jirotech’s consultants confer with all stakeholders, review the entire environment of the deployment process to ensure all the essential components are in place and prepare a comprehensive Deployment Plan. Critical elements include infrastructure readiness, data gathering and migration, system configuration, operator training and performance monitoring. Jirotech’s consultants review performance and implement any necessary corrective action, ensuring successful operations on schedule.