This course focuses on PostgreSQL Oracle Migration. The PostgreSQL Oracle Migration course introduces the EnterpriseDB Oracle compatibility and database migration tools. At the conclusion of this course students will be able to identify suitable Oracle database migration candidates, and replicate and migrate Oracle databases to EnterpriseDB. This course is a great way to demonstrate the power of PostgreSQL and look at little closer at the benefits of PostgreSQL over Oracle, from both a technical and cost saving point of view.

Prerequisites: Completion of PostgreSQL Administration

Audience: The module is suitable for IT Professionals, and system administrators.

Course outline:

  • Overview of EnterpriseDB Oracle Features
  • The EnterpriseDB Compatibility Layer
  • Migration or Replication?
  • EnterpriseDB Oracle Replication with xDB
  • EnterpriseDB PostgreSQL Oracle Migration with the Migration Assistant
  • Planning Replication
  • Hands on Replication Workshop
  • Planning a Migration
  • Hands on Migration Workshop